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Training at Corporal Schools


The training cycle of corporal schools lasts one year. Cadets have to successfully complete the four phases of training namely basic training phase, the rank training phase, specialty training phase and practice phase in military units. Then the cadet receives the weaponry certificate level 1 and is promoted to the rank of Corporal.


Specialties :
At the end of the second phase of training mentioned above, the cadet follows one of the following specialties :
- All weapons : infantry, artillery, armor ...
- Technical: signal , engineering , auto electricity , auto mechanics, cooking, ....
- Administrative: administration, computer , cooking , ...


Perspectives and privileges:
- Corporals have the opportunity to participate in the entrance selection for the Non- Commissioned officers’ School.
- Corporals’ salary is more than 500 DT.
- Corporals have the opportunity to get a driver’s license for cars and trucks.
- During the training year, students enjoy free housing, food, clothing and medical care. They also have a monthly scholarship of 15 Dinars.

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