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Conditions of Admission to the NCO’s School

Conditions of Admission:

Each candidate must meet the following conditions:
- Have the Tunisian nationality
- Be single
- Be between 18 and 23 years in the December 31st  of the year of the selection , or 24 years at most for those who are currently or have completed their military service.
- Measure at least 1.67m for males and 1.60m for females
- Level of education : completed fourth year of secondary school at least or the baccalaureate of the Year of selection.
- Have an average greater than or equal to 10/20 in physical education,
- Be physically fit for military service.
- Must sign a commitment contract to serve in the army for a period of at least 10 years besides the training period.


Required Documents:

 - An application form sent to Mr. the Minister of National Defense.
- Three (03) copies of the national identity card.

- Recent Birth certificate (issued in less than 03 months).
- Free Criminal Record Certificate of the current year of recruitment.
- Four (04) identity Photos of the candidate.


- A copy of the transcript showing the baccalaureate marks , or original copy of the baccalaureate marks available on the Ministry of Education website,
- A copy of baccalaureate degree for graduates.
- A true-copy of school certificate or certificate of attendance for those with the level of the fourth year of secondary education. Only certificates provided by private schools approved by the Ministry of Education will be accepted.
- A copy of the certificate of good conduct, for those who have terminated their military service, or Certificate of attendance for those who are performing their military service.

- Three (03) stamped self addressed envelopes with the full address of the applicant.
- Personal phone number of the applicant.



- Applications will be sent to the address shown in the notification of selection.
                    Base Militaire de Mesjed Aissa (cellule de recrutement)
                                      5010 Ouardanine Governorate de Monastir.
- Incomplete applications or out dating time limits will not be taken into consideration.
- Candidates not called to take the examinations are considered as not retained.

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