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Presentation and mission of the NCO’s School

Presentation and mission of the NCO’s School:

The NCO’s school is located in Bizerte, 60 km north to the capital Tunis. It is a military training facility in charge of the training of NCO cadets for the Army, administration and common services of the Ministry of National Defense. It imparts them essential knowledge and expertise which allows them to integrate into the military life.


The NCO’s School is the first Tunisian military school created after independence. It was first established in Bardo since November 14th, 1956, before being transferred to the barracks of Mannouba from January 1st, 1957, then the barracks of Fondouk Djedid December 9th, 1958 and at the end the Barracks of Hedi El Wali in Bizerte since January 1967 up to the present day.



Ecole des Sous-Officiers – Caserne El Hedi Wali - Place Pasteur - Bizerte - 7019
Tel.: 72432204 - 72432203

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