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Training at the NCO’s School


The training cycle at the NCO school lasts one year. Having successfully completed the training school for non-commissioned officers, the cadet is promoted to the rank of sergeant.
Successful ones will be directed to one of the following specialties:
- All weapons: infantry, artillery, armor ...
- Technical: signal, engineering, Air conditioning, auto mechanics....
- Administrative: computer science, administration, archives.....


Perspectives and privileges:
- The training in the chosen specialty will take place in specialized training schools and centers. After this training, the sergeant is awarded his/her weaponry or specialty certificate level 2.
- Along his /her professional career, the NCO profits from a continued training and education system. He may follow, successively, the weaponry or specialty certificate level 3 and chief section or cadre of supervision. He may also participate in the selection to access the military academy.
- The non-commissioned officer will be promoted, eventually, to the ranks of sergeant, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, Master sergeant and sergeant major.
- During the year of training, the NCO cadet enjoys free lodging, food, clothing and medical care. They also have a monthly scholarship of 15 dinars.

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