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Conditions of Admission to the Military Academy

Conditions of Admission:

Each candidate must meet the following conditions:
- Tunisian nationality.
- Single.
- Measures at least 1.67m for males and 1.60m for females.
- follows with success, the years of study in the  preparatory school and pass the national entrance examinations to engineering schools or have a degree in law.
- Be 23 years old or less at the date of December 31st of the year of the selection.
- Be physically fit for military service.
- Fulfill physical and mental conditions required to perform the duties which he applied for throughout the territory of the republic.


Required Documents:

- An application form sent to Mr. the Minister of National Defense.
- Three (03) copies of the national identity card.
- A true-Copy of diploma or equivalent certificates.
- Recent Birth certificate (issued in less than 03 months).
- Free Criminal Record Certificate of the current year of recruitment.
- Four (04) identity Photos of the candidate.
- Three (03) stamped self addressed envelopes with the full address of the applicant.
- Personal phone number of the applicant.

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