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Presentation of the Military Academy

Presentation and mission of the Military Academy:

The Military Academy is located at Fondouk Djedid, 30km southeast to the capital Tunis. It is a military institution for academic education in charge of training future officers. In addition to training the Ministry of National Defense's officers, including the Army, administration and common services, the officers from the ministries of interior, justice and finance equally follow their at the military academy.



The military academy was established by Decree N° 529 of December 24th, 1966. It opened its doors for the first time on February 8th, 1967 and was inaugurated by the President of the Republic on December 21st, 1967.
The creation of the Military Academy, the first Tunisian higher education institution has paved the way for the creation of other military training facilities putting thus an end to the dependence of the Tunisian military training of its staff.



Military Academy of Fondouk Jedid, 8012 Nabeul.

Tel : 72 250 304 - 72 250 271 - 72 250 337

Fax : 72 250 299


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