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Training at the Instruction Center for Young Recruits


The training cycle of privates is 18 weeks. It is made up of three phases, common basic training phase, general common phase and specialty training phase.

At the end of the second training phase mentioned above, the private is directed to one of the following specialties:
 - All weapons: infantry, artillery, armor  ...
  - Technical: signal, engineering, auto electricity, auto mechanics, cooking ...
  - Administrative: administration.

Priority will be given to candidates having a driver's license or a professional degree in one of the following specialties:
    Transportation, auto mechanics, auto electricity, carpentry, electricity building, blacksmith, welding, marble work, sanitary welding, air conditioning, Hairdresser, Tailor, Administration, cook, shoemaker or plasterer.

Perspectives and privileges:
- The private has the opportunity to participate in the entrance selection to the corporal school.
- The private’s salary is more than 500 DT.
- The private enjoys a special bonus when he has one of the following specialties: commandos, military police, combat engineers, canine.
- The private enjoys a special bonus when he is transferred to advanced military units which are in desert areas.
- During the training year, the private enjoys free lodging, food, clothing and medical care.


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